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Damage to your hair of colouring and perming

Damage to your hair of colouring and perming

Now a lot of beauty like perming hair, especially for young women, almost have the experience of perming hair. As we all know that colouring and perming hair will have damage to our health, but what specific damage?
The principle of perming hair: perm is generally first with a chemical solution to break down the cystine, cut off the disulfide bond, making it into a single sulfur bond. At this time, the hair of the amino acid chain link will be loose, can be curled into a certain style. And then coated with a fixed agent, so that the single key of small spring will in the vicinity combinding to form a new spring, the new hair so fixed down. Perming damage: perming hair will used a special medicine contains a substance called amine sulfuric acid (alkaline) will destroy the hair cuticle in the hair surface, so that the hair inside will lost nutrients and water becomes yellow and crisp, no luster. In addition, some perming agents containing thioglycolic acid substances may damage the body's hematopoietic system and cause cancer. Too frequent perming hair will destroy your scalp, the skin will be easy infected.
The principle and harm of colouring hair: coloring hair is using alkali components of the hair cream to open the cuticle in the hair surface, so that the artificial pigment into the hair cortex, combined with the natural pigment to form the desired color. Dying hair chemicals in hair will have a great destructive effect to scale, but also toxic substances, pregnant women will make the body of fetal malformations.
Therefore, in order to keep healthy, we'd better less colouring and pering to our hair. In fact, changing our hair shape does not have to dye and pering hair, wearing a wig is a very good way to change our shape, but also convenient and simple, the most important thing is wearing a wig will not cause any harm to our body. Guangzhou Fantasy wig adhering to the concept of healthy beauty and fashion, specialized in manufacturing wig for more than 10 years, welcome to contact us if you are intresting in our products.


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