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How to choose your wig supplier?

How to choose your wig supplier?

Have you ever confuse about how to choose a wig supplier when you are going to wholesale wigs? In order to quick and accurately to find a wig supplier, you need to clear several questions below.
1. What price range are you looking for?
Befor you looking for a wig supplier, you need to clear what price range you can accept. Then you can save a lot of time in finding the right supplier. Guangzhou Fantasy wig provide both synthetic hair wig and human hair wig. Synthetic hair wig is more inexpensive, the hair style can be keep for a longer time than the human hair wig while human hair wig is more natural looking and good quality but the price is high.
2. What color are you looking for? 
If you want to make your own color, please offer your color to the supplier to confirm if they can make your color, If you don't have your own color, please see their offering color chart to determine the right color for you. Fantasy wig offer a wide range of colors and costom color is acceptable.
3. What cap type are you looking for?
Before you buy the wigs, if you want to custom your own cap type, material, size, etc. you need to confirm with the wig supplier if they can make. The normal cap size of Fantasy wig is 21.5 inch, custom cap type, or material, size is acceptable.
4. What length & cut are you looking for? –Guangzhou Fantysy wig has a variety of styles in different lengths
Please see the different styles to determine the length you are looking for and check with the wig supplier if they can do what you want. Once you have identified all above, you can make your decision.


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