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Which factory in Guangzhou wig operation is better

Now China's wig industry has grown, Guangzhou, China wig as one of the production base, all kinds of wig factory is also doing more and more, more and more international. Which do a better business in Guangzhou fantasy wig Products Co., Ltd., located in West Side, 3F, Block H, ZhiSheng Industrial Park, Shi Bei Rd., DaShi Town, PanYu District, GuangZhou, 511430, China. (from the West on the ladder).

Fantasy wigs various main men and women of chemical fiber, the human hair wig caps and various types of wig accessories.Has been engaged in the design and manufacture of more than 10 years,has a professional team of experienced, has been designed more than 3,000 kinds of wig styles, with more than 2,000 square meters of modern plant and a complete and scientific quality management system.

Fantasy wigs has been adhering to the "high-skilled, high-quality, high service" concept, and strive to provide customers with quality assurance, style diversification, hair more beautiful wig. Compared with other Guangzhou counterparts, Fantasy wigs pay more attention to the quality requirements in the production process will go through multiple testing, Strict checks to ensure the correct completion of the baked.

Our factory has the advantage of "international quality, popular price", and supports wholesale, accept OEM / ODM customization, and strive to meet customers' needs. Domestic and foreign partners are interested, please feel free to contact us, you are welcome to visit the factory at any time yo! 24-hour hotline: 400-6602-520, QQ: 3356552773, WeChat: 18122358359.
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