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Wigs can be washed with it?

Wig and real hair can be washed with the same.In the cleaning area, we can treat the wig as a real hair.However, the method of cleaning the steps or there is a big difference.
How specific cleaning,now let me tell you:
1.Prior to cleaning the wig, the wig will be combed with a wig for exclusive use;
2.Place the wig soaked in a bowl filled with water for about 5-10 minutes;
3.Put the prepared shampoo into clear waters,shampoo and water to be mixed after blistering,Let the wig soak for about 2-3 minutes.
4.Will wig gently with your fingers smooth,stroke with hair conditioner after wiping hair,hand gently touch,by the way the small grasp hair;
5.Will wig with clean water cast clean,wipe gently with a dry cloth.Then put the wig on the vent to dry naturally;
6.When the wig dry until 90%,hand gently stroked a stroke hair.And then a special wig comb to wig comb.

This is the most basic cleaning step,the following are the items to be noted:
1.Can not be washed in the washing machine.A strong rotation of the washing machine can cause the wig to fall off,even spread out;
2.Can not be too hard scrub and hair,will lead to hair loss;
3.Wig immersion in water should not be too long,because is also easy to fall off;
4.Can only be placed in the air vents naturally dry, not dry in the sun.
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