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How maintenance wig?

Hair how to care ? Longer life it?
Xiao Bian wig wholesale manufacturers based on years of experience in the wig industry 's answer to the question about the pro- bar . Wig care from the following aspects , wig comb , care, cleaning, drying , air drying , and other aspects . By show Xuchang wig factory specializes in the wholesale wigs for many years of successful experience, if you want to understand this aspect of common sense pro wig can inquire ordered yo ! Do not know how to buy a wig maintenance , which is a lot of wigs control their encounter. You are not also so? Today Xiaobian teach you fashion wig wig factory maintenance tips , let you easily master the beautiful secret , Check it out ~ a , dry naturally after washing is completed , you can not use the washing machine drying, nor can the hair or on the sun to dry , absorbent towel dry after dry naturally is the most correct approach . Second, use a small amount of shampoo to soft , soft hand scrub with shampoo , avoid excessive force , nor long soak . Third, absolutely can not use the washing machine washing machine strong rotation may cause a large wig off, even dissipated . Fourth, ventilated storage wig to wig hair , though not really , but it should also be considered when storing permeability , or residual moisture and corrosion wig shampoo easily . Fifth, the use warm water wash wig wig , wig first in warm water ( 15 to 30 degrees , preferably ) water for 5 minutes, reduce the overheating temperature wig life.

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