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What recent popular wig hairstyle?

Xpress transform hair, wigs are your best choice. What recent popular wig hairstyle ? Watching Korean model wig interpretation . Tender and sweet lady style hair, long hair wig trend is still hot ; while girls want to try long hair short hair can also try short hair , there will be an unexpected surprise !

Liu Qi role of non- mainstream wig long curly hair that girls can not only easily shorter hair from hair, short hair can also be easily changed with long hair. The curly hair Qi Liu did not dull the sense of other heavy curls , and more is a very refreshing range of children . If you prefer , you can also mix a cute hair accessories or hat.

Short hair flower head Liu Qi

This short hair pear head to a small series of pictures Moe , really likable up ! However eyebrow Liu Qi , was trimmed into a thin broken pieces of the effect , very good to bring out the mellow sweet girl with big eyes , with the hair volume , a variety of fresh and tender and a variety of small !

First, give the non-mainstream wig hair introduce is - short hair wave hair type . Hair shorter hair is not a miracle , just a wig can settle. Summer is coming, temperatures also will rise, this time with long hair short hair MM MM must be all kinds of jealousy envy hate , but not willing to cut hair. So, still rushed failure to wear a short hair now .

To the streets with the interpretation Korea Korean fashion wigs . See 2013 popular wig hairstyle. You keep up the pace in 2013 yet?...

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